by S-21

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Available now on WORLD GONE MAD / SLUGSALT


released September 12, 2016



all rights reserved


S-21 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Brass Gavel
the brass gavel strikes
its victims are erased
sanctioned by the force
of the police state

the laws just work for them
they’ll chew you up and spit you out

the gold scales turn
tipped against the oppressed
weighed by the hands
of white majority

there’s no justice
the brass gavel strikes down
Track Name: Chaos in the City Streets
fueled by the rage from within
from segregation enforced by the state
heated by the unarmed deaths
at the hands of the racist pigs

there’s chaos in the city streets
there’s chaos in the tear gas
there’s chaos in the city streets
there’s chaos in the broken glass

see our rage burn through this town
brothers,sisters, black and brown
together in this act of defiance
cause silence begets violence
Track Name: Year Zero
no life / a silent death
no hope / just suffering
no peace / a violent end

year zero / a brand new age
year zero / all past erased
Track Name: Power Abuse
cross the enemy lines
you fabricate your wars
for profit and gain
leave behind a lasting mark
in the form of suffering

rip apart one by one
rape and kill
with total impunity

power abuse

hypocritical lies
you're exactly what you despise
you make up your own threats
spread fear and hateful rhetoric